Noshery Motives

During  Christmas I have noticed that I have grown into an independent woman, who is making a home. I caught myself cooking for friends and family, cleaning and decorating just like other wives and mothers would do- and although some men call this nesting and would run a mile, Matthew loved every second of it. Christmas is my favourite time of year for this reason, it is a time where I can go nest crazy on my house and nobody can question it as it is supposedly ‘seasonal’.

I worked through this Christmas period and I, genuinely,  enjoy the struggle of balancing being a housewife with being a full time worker- it is uplifting to know that I am one of those women who comes home from work and cleans, cooks and makes merry.

I do long for my days off by myself where I can clean, bake and prepare dinner for Matthew, I spend 80% of my day in the kitchen as I love to be there. As long as I can remember I have loved to bake and to cook, and I am blessed with a new recipe book every year for Christmas which I am about to tell you in my next post. The point of this blog post is to express my musings of motherhood, housewifery (yeah, I made that a word) and all round lifestyle changes.

It has been decided between Matthew and I (and his mother too apparently-Bonus!), that when we one day have children I will stay at home with them for as long as possible, which is a want of my own. In the town I live in many women do this- although the supposed reason is because they refuse to get a job and would rather live off the benefit, which-yes, is controversial but can be true in many cases, Matthew and I are lucky enough to have very decent jobs that can fund me staying at home when this, which is years away, comes about. All I know is I have always been a homebody, I love my job, I love being an independent career woman, but I also love being a housewife.

With this conclusion at hand, I do worry that my days will get repetitive and my aspirations for my future warped, this is something I have thought about long before I met Matthew. I knew I wanted to be a housewife, and I knew I wanted to walk my children to and from school, but I worried about what I would do in between other than bake, paint and garden, would I be damned to a life full of housework?

We know that having children is a trial on its own, and managing work, family time and free time can be hard but I always had the thought of catering on the side.

Catering in terms of opening a store and baking my own goods.

This is a big dream, a very vast concept that plays on my mind and one that I know at this point in time is somewhat out of reach- but when I bake I always think of it in terms of practise for this great dream of mine.

I am worried about the actual “opening” of a store- it is  a big thing to do when you are also baking the goods, as well as managing finances, time and family. This is the reason I use the terms “big dream”, “vast concept” and “out of reach”. I have a very specific idea of what I want everything to look like, and I know the feel and atmosphere of this place I want to create but I am more than happy to simply have my own little place to bake and cook specially for my family and friends alone if opening a store for the public does not come about.

However, the book I was given for Christmas has added extra excitement to the fire that fuels my aspiration as it has so many qualities I want to achieve in my noshery ( a word I have decided I like very much). I was given the Little and Friday book and almost died with delight, I have been eyeing this one for some time.

I have read about Kim Evans, the lady who opened the Little and Friday store, I have squealed over pictures of her store and it really makes my dream come alive to see someone else do it so well. She opened her doors on Fridays making goods from “fresh, free-range and organic produce” and flicking through the pages of her book(s) is transporting. She has taken this concept and worked it down to a tee.

Today I thought I would share this dream with you, all kinds of ideas are mulling through my mind and I thought there was no one better to share it with. As I continue to read the Little and Friday book I hope that you may take a glimpse and share the wonders that Kim has created and know that you can achieve your dreams as people before you have theirs.

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