Neutral Nails for Cooler Weather


Its getting colder here in the Southern Hemisphere and I have brought out an old favourite colour to accommodate the colder months, but this colour is so versatile that using it during the change from colder to warmer works just as well!

This is Essie’s Chinchilly, an old staple of mine and something I return to this time of year without fail. There is something about neutrals- grey, browns, creams and white that really gets me in the cooler weather, with pale pinks, gold and silvers and you have yourself the perfect winter palette, in my eyes.


Chinchilly is a neutral toned granite grey, I find it hard to tell if it has warm or cool bases so I would say that it will match any skin tone.  Perfect to get your chic style on for a night out, or a casual colour that matches anything.

I start by applying The Aromatherapy Co’s Therapy Range Cuticle Oil, rubbing it in and letting it settle for a good few minutes- this is enriched with evening primrose, jojoba and vitamin E, making your nails strong and your cuticles supple. This magical oil seriously works wonders for your hands and nails, and mine are especially tired. I notice a change almost immediately (usually because my fingers are screaming for some TLC) but you’ll notice your nails strengthening and whitening in no more than a week.

I then moisturise my hands with The Body Shop’s Wild Rose Hand Cream. This hand cream is targeted at mature skin, which I don’t believe I have- but it is so lovely and sinks so nicely into the skin and if you like the smell of roses you’re in luck, because this baby will make you smell like a bouquet. It is not overpowering, just that subtle feminine trace of fresh roses that lingers.

I apply two coats of Chinchilly after letting my hands soak up all the moisture from the oil and cream, one coat will get you a lovely sheer grey which would look very understated and classic, but I went for two for a more exaggerated look. I always wait until each coat is dry before applying another, finishing this off with Essie’s No Chips Ahead (after everything dries- No chips ahead sure does take its time, but it works a treat after that.)




Wild Rose Hand Cream- The Body Shop

The Aromatherapy Co. Therapy Range Cuticle Oil- Farmers

Essie Polishes (Chinchilly and No Chips Ahead)- Farmers

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