Lately people would say I have been lucky. Or fortunate. Or Spoiled. I could say all those things also. I have had gifts and I have had opportunities presented to me that others may lust after. I can also say I am everything but ungrateful.

I have been all of those things in my life- lucky, fortunate and at some point, spoiled. But when you take a step back and think about it- my life does not boil down to being lucky, fortunate or spoiled at all.

I would like to take this opportunity to share a little more about myself.

I am a twenty something year old girl, tiny in stature (however somewhat big busted- to state the obvious) but I have a lot to say. I come from a lovely city in a beautiful country. I moved to a smaller city when I was young that is equally as lovely in a different way. I am blessed with four incredible parents, and a huge loving family, that have brought me up as a team- very pleasantly given the circumstances.

Stepping away from my backstory, lets step into the present. I fell into a very good job that is stressful and challenging at times- but I enjoy it and it gets me by. I have the most incredible, clever man by my side, who also has a very good job that gets him by. However, we love to create. But that is not the point of this, the point of this is that you could say that we are a passionate, hard working and spirited couple.

I want you to stop and think about those words.

Passionate. Hard Working and Spirited.

I’ll break that down so you can level with me and the reasoning behind what drives us and our content.

We are Passionate.

Matthew and I know what we love. We love our photography, travel, style and often material things. I excelled in the arts and photography throughout school as I loved it. I loved to create. I painted, I drew, I wrote, I read- anything creative, I did it. I started a blog while I was studying journalism. I didn’t love journalism. I did have a part time job as a Wedding Photographer. When the course of that career and degree ended by me shifting towns I found new ways to make ends meet, namely by being a barista for Starbucks. The blogging continued. I started in 2012, and brought to life in 2015. I still love it. We continue to do things that challenge and scare us for the sake of our passions.

That brings me to point two.

We are Hard Working.

If I love something, I am going to go to next level nerd to do well. I love to learn, Ill study in my spare time. I will spend every bit of free time I have reading, researching and working on that thing I have passion for to ensure I do well, or make something I am proud of. Thats just me. A mentality of mine, that is always in the back of my head, is that if you are working to the best of your ability, and you are loving every minute of it- there is NO WAY you can fail. There is just no way! It may take some time. It may be hard. But if you are doing the best you can and still enjoying it- you have it. Its yours. Matthew also indulges in this way of thinking.

Lastly, we have Spirit.

I am saying that we embrace life. We do things we love to do, we work hard to have the things we want to have and we are smart about our choices. We do not envy others, we use it as motivation to do well for ourselves. We may save to have something, we may wait to have something- but this is not a sacrifice, we are simply working to have whatever it is we want. We will go after the things we want.

Without rambling I hope this post inspires and motivates you, or at least lets you in to my philosophy. Matthew and I value these qualities greatly. Being good, honest, grateful, passionate, hardworking and spirited will lift you up in life. And there is no shame in celebrating what you have. I hope that we portray these things in the work that we do.

All I want to say is- find out what drives you, work hard, be happy with others success, live with passion, only settle for what you are proud of and you will be rewarded with a full life.

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