I will always stick to my natural looks, it isn’t often you’ll find me sporting a smokey eye or bold lippy, I love my warm, natural tones and my comfort zone- most of the time.

To be honest I stepped out of my comfort zone when I got into make-up, and blogging. I dare myself to try new things, to add colour, to push my own boundaries. Back in the day I owned The Body Shop Mineral Foundation (which I still have), Powder and their mascara in “brown” and that was my make-up, done. Five minutes. This was when I was working at Starbucks, when on Christmas eve I wore red lippy and the whole team were absolutely stunned. They had never seen me do something so bold and drastic. I miss my Starbucks years quite often, but what I thought was too much work to be standing in front of a hot steamy bar all day was holding me back from enjoying what I have grown to love. I decided that when I started working in finance I would step out and enjoy being a lady, but I still keep it quite natural and tidy- forgetting that I am twenty-two years old and should be enjoying the bold looks while I can.

I thought I would share with you my comfort zone today, the make-up I have on when I want to be me. These are the products I have had for a while now, and use pretty much every day, you may know my every days or you may not, but I stick nby these products and would recommend them to anyone.  I start of my daily make up routine, always, with a primer. I have been using the Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur on the days when I am not working or waning to do anything special, as it gives a very Matte finish, if I want very luminous skin and a dewy finish I use my Estee Lauder Illuminating Primer.

I then apply my Bobbi Brown foundation stick mixed with my current moisturiser for a sheerer look, buffed in with my Sedona Lace 480, Synthetic Round Top brush. I had had this brush for around a year now and it really does the trick, I haven’t strayed or looked back since I got it. After my base is on I buff my Mac Bronzing Powder in Golden around the edges of my face, and use it a little to contour, followed by my Estee Lauder Hightlighting Pen under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose.

I then dash a little Nars Powder Blush in Madly across my cheeks very lighting and fill in my brows with my MAC Omega. I use the MAC 268 brush to fill these in, as I have very light eyebrows and it enables me to define but also disperse the powder fluently without getting darker patches or harsh lines. To finish off the look I touch my MAC Omega over my lid lightly with the MAC 217 fluffy blending brush and add a little of my mascara just to open the eyes.

There you have it, my go to face on but face off make up. This is so easy and is always comfortable, what is your natural base like?