My Little MAC Eyeshadow Array


It has been a little while since I was on the MAC Lovin’ Train, I have been seeing other brands for quite some time as I do not live near a MAC store (When I say I don’t live near I mean I am to busy to drive an hour and a half to get to the closest store) and ordering via phone is not really my thing, but a recent trip back home had me nosing through the MAC stands and my love for the brand returned. I did make a purchase, but only one little purchase myself- but now my MAC collection will definitely grow from the tiny assortment of tidbits I did have, I have finally got the bug.

I cannot write a miniature haul post on these kinds of products without mentioning my love of my little home city where I tend to make these purchases- I love the social feeling, cruising through the mall, the coffee meetings with close friends and just the general vibe of the city, I am totally in my element when I am back home and my life seems so much more significant and leisurely. I won’t say I am sad to come back to our little burrow but I could definitely tell that Matthew was noticing the greener pastures there, which absolutely sheds a little light and glee within me as we pencil in plans to move back (although it may be four years before we actually do so, it is still a plan).

I am rather happy with the size of my collection, I never dreamed that I would own this much MAC (I know it may be not much to you) as I feel there are good foundations for any basic ensemble here.

OMEGA- this was my first ever MAC purchase of my own, I had a couple MAC eyeshadows before this but Omega was the first eyeshadow I initially forked out for. I loved the colour as it was plain and simple but also multi purpose, for I could use it on my brows also- a soft beige-taupe that is so easy to wear and rather cool toned, which I love. A definite staple which is why I went for it first, I do love a good base before getting to the good stuff.

RETROSPECK- this is a lustre that I save for special evenings out as I am usually of a Matte person during the day. Very Champagny, golden shimmer described by MAC as ‘Beached Blonde’. This was one of my first eyeshadows given to me as a gift- and back then I had no idea what MAC was. This was initially used for a couple nights out and then put in the back of my drawer only to come out, with much excitement, after discovering the world of beauty actually existed. One of my favourite sentimental shades which will make it a constant repurchase for me.

MYTHOLOGY- A very recent gift from my closest friend Sophia, a beautiful deep peachy copper lustre that I have worn a couple times already feeling very daring. I love how the redder tones bring out the green and brown tones to my eyes.

CHARCOAL BROWN- Very self explanatory, another staple I use for the crease and lower lash line to pair with pretty much any of my other shades. Another cool taupe brown a few shades darker than omega- the two blend seamlessly for a natural smoky look.

SABLE- While Prusing through the eyeshadows I only had one in mind, pre planned and all. I knew sable would fit perfectly into my collection and have been lusting after this colour for some time to draw some attention to my blueish, greeny eyes. It is a plummy goldy bronze, the only velvet finish I own, I wear this out on its own as blending out towards the brow really gives it a lovely two-tone look. I brought this two days ago, the same time Sophia gifted me Mythology- I was looking for this shade in particular thanks to Vivianna from Vivianna Does Makeup– I will be sorted for the redder toned looks from here on out.

SHOWSTOPPER- This was gifted to me by my Aunty in London the same time as Retrospeck. A very deep brown I use for lash lines and the occasional very daring smokey eye. I am unsure if you can still buy this singularly as I haven’t found it but it does come in the Showstopper Quad Palette, Another basic neutral shade.

Well there goes my MAC Eyeshadow Ensemble, I am obviously still building this one up- and now I have a few I will have a empty pro palette to put these in which I am very unashamedly excited about. What are your favourite shades?

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