I thought it was about time I showed you all what I wear on my face every day.

These are the products that I regularly reach for on an every day instance, such as days off, casual days at work or when I am just spending some time with friends in the evening. Sometimes I will spice up my eye make up for work and I always have a different lippy on but the rest of these products are really staples for me.

To start off I use my Estée Lauder Day Wear Creme. I know this is not make up but I do use it before I put my face on every day without fail. It is a little heavy but I am happy with it and it smells fresh and awakening which is a bonus.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Sand: I can mix this with my moisturiser for a sheer coverage or I use it as full face foundation (probably the reason it has run out so fast- I am extremely upset). I do use this product pretty much every day and I really don’t want it to run out. This has been a revolutionary product for me, I haven’t found anything I like better which makes the price a little easier to bear. I use this as a concealer also as it is really buildable and it is so easy to take out for touch ups. I am considering going with the Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation next time as I may get more use out of it, Bobbi Brown has really set the standard for me on the foundation front, but I will still be wanting one of these babies to pop in my handbag.

MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden. I use this to surround my face and contour, it adds the bronze touch that does not come naturally to my face and again is very build able. It lasts forever and is such a winner in my eyes.

NARS Blush in Madly is something that I don’t have to use everyday, but I do like a touch of colour in my cheeks if I am not using the bronzing powder to do it. I am not a bright pink kinda girl so the browny-rose hues in this is perfect for me. Again this is lasting me so long and it is extremely pigmented.

MAC Eyeshadow in Omega is the colour I use to fill in my brows, but it is also my go-to colour for my everyday natural eye look, the pigmentation is great and the lasting power is too. I do have to get a palette to pop my small collection in to and this one is always going to dead centre.

MAC Eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown is the colour I use in my crease of my eyes when I feel like putting more effort into my eye make up, sometimes I just use Omega but Charcoal Brown blends nicely and adds depth and shape to my eyes.

Loréal Paris Perfect Slim Superliner which I think is just black- Im not sure if it has a specific name for the colour is what I use to line my upper lash line and if I want to be schmancy I add a little cat-eye depending on my mood.

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Extreme Black is another product that I have worn right down. I love this stuff. As you can see I was given a sample size and I don’t want to think about what I am going to do in the next few weeks when it runs out. I do have a back-up on hand which is the Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Mascara which is also very good but I think I may have to splurge and add the full-size Sumptuous Extreme to my bag.

That is basically it for my everyday look, I would like to add that I have been loving my MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Modesty and is the lippy that I have been reaching for more often when I leave the house, I have yet to find a more versatile lipstick that I love as much as I love this. I hope you enjoyed this post and Ill be in touch again soon!

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