Welcome Moodboard This Week! This week I have been feeling very inspired. Something has hit me and I can’t help but want to shoot everything beautiful. It may be spring in the air, or the fact that we have a very clean house but whatever it is I love it. You may have seen my last post?

Where does your motivation come from?

This week I started to try out Karate. Karate was surprising to me as I thought I wouldn’t like it. Although I went anyway. I believed Karate was about strength and fighting. Pleasantly surprised, it has elements of meditation, yoga and dance. I am the least competitive person there is. I am gentle and maybe a bit of a wimp. Karate never appealed to me.

Matthew and his father are both Black Belts which is why Karate was even on the cards. Matthew’s dad takes the class and we tried it once to see how it went. The first time I went I was distracted and couldn’t focus. This time I went by myself and found it far better. Lets just say that I will be going back.

I felt enlightened and motivated to become active again as my gym membership had ended and so had my holiday. Although I am looking at a new gym I am open other methods of exercise as I struggled to find a rhythm. I decided I would try something new. There is a five week course of Yoga starting in September which I will be attending as an alternative to walking or grinding at the gym. I definitely think doing something you enjoy is key to success with fitness.

I hope this leaves you inspired and feeling as though you are motivated to seek out your goals, without fearing being alone or the odd one out. You may be surprised! What have you done on your own that surprises you?

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