I thought I would share with you a few of the blogs that I have been loving over the last couple of months. Just like a favourites video I think I’ll show you the blogs I have mentioned before and am still loving and also a couple of new ones. I like to keep up to date with a few blogs as they not only inspire me creatively and in terms of beauty, but they also make me feel more involved in the blogging community.

I have found these blogs by pure chance, through the BBloggers chat on twitter and also through other blogs and I can honestly say I genuinely enjoy them. You may see a theme running, and this will just be my personal preference and taste in what I enjoy reading or looking at.

The first blog I’d like to talk about is one I have spoken about before, that is the bleubird blog. The bleubird blog is by a lady who calls herself James. She had her own incredibly unique fashion label and is now settled with her husband and four children. She has killer style and a real flair for illustrating her blog, her posts are always a joy to read. She is definitely someone whose lifestyle deeply encourages me and is ever inspiring.

The next blogger I would like to talk about is Brittany from life, set sail. I have been marvelling over this blog for a little while now, she has some really good blogging tips. I stumbled across her blog when she mentioned it on the bbloggers chat on Twitter one day and I keep going back for more. I love her taste in make up and also her taste in food, when she does a food post, and she actually has some really good genuine advice. Speaking to the girl behind the blog helps too, and her personality really shows through her writing and photos. Brittany posts quite frequently, it’s always nice to have a bit of new content.

I also came across the Jennypurr blog through Life, set sail. I haven’t been looking at this blog for that long but I am loving her photography and the clear clean layout of this blog. Jen has a very similar taste to me in composure and I love a lot of her props too. I will be watching this space, but I am really enjoying this blog so far.

Girl with makeup is the last blog I will speak about, that I have recently found, and I’m loving the reviews that feature here. The amount of information Emma, the author, provides is fantastic as I like to have a good amount to read. A lot of her products are ones that I haven’t heard of and I like to know what’s out there to try. Again the layout is nice, clean and crisp for easy reading and I’m hooked.

I really hoped you like this style of post, I really enjoy sharing the blogs I love, as they deserve to be marvelled at.

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