Mondays Matter



Today I have decided to do a different post, because I want to.

I don’t want to discuss food, I am fasting and happily sipping on San Pellegrino and black, dark roast. Nor have I many beauty items to discuss, although I did pick up some skin care.

I have been admiring my succulents and have just picked up a new “book”.

Skincare: I picked up some tea tree oil and Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Facial Cleanser from the body shop today, as my trusty facial cleanser had just run out. The Body Shops Best Sellers were buy two get 20% off and I though it was fitting, so I picked up some of the cleanser too, as I want to reduce spots around the rough time of the month. (heh, I take you can put up with me being crude). The cleanser is very gentle and leaves my skin feeling very soft, the nostalgic smell is comforting to me and you don’t have to use much product to cover your face. The oil is just like tea tree oil normally is, and if you don’t have any I suggest you get some, you can use it for anything.

Candle: as you can see I have been burning this trusty little number, which is the The Aromatherapy Co Cocoa Vanilla & Cassia Candle. Im not usually a fan of chocolate or vanilla scents as I find them overpowering, but this one is divine.

Coffee: Today I am drinking the Merito Coffee Roasters organic blend, thought you ought to know. #WishingIhadMonmouth

Kobo: I have just purchased Dodger by Terry Pratchett as I just finished Cupcakes at Carringtons by Alexandra Brown. I can’t really say if I enjoy it or not, or even what it is about as I am literally just sinking my teeth in.

Listening to: I am always listening to music while writing posts and pottering, today I have on Sorta’s album Little Bay. I love love love this album, it is mostly easy going and calm. Perfect for a secluded day around the house.

I am sitting here in my living room and my neighbours are so bad for honking their horns to get each other to hurry up/get in the car/get out of the car. In the last ten minutes I can honestly say I consider throwing something at them from my porch, like a brick, or a truck.

I am also deeply considering delving into making some Chai Spiced Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns to get into the easter spirit also, the recipe is here. It may serve as a nice little healthy snack for Matthew and I over the week, Im not sure if I am allowed it on my detox- but I do suppose its better than being naughty with anything else.

I hope you liked this little random post, I really enjoyed it myself actually. It feels nice to connect on a more down-to-earth, personal level than just baking and beauty posts, not that I don’t enjoy them of course. Have a happy Monday and I will see you again soon. XXX Ambermarie.

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