Mollycoddle Monday

Today was a quiet day, and Im not overly impressed with this recipe, but it is all right and I know what I will be doing differently next time, which is when I will post the recipe (providing I am right).

Today I made a Pear, Pecan and Cheese slice from the same book as last week.

IMGP0005 IMGP0006 IMGP0011 IMGP0017

As you can tell the texture came out fine, but there is not nearly enough flavour involved. I will have to use either canned pears or add extra extra flavour to the water when poaching my pears next time, and the cottage cheese filling could do with a bit of brandy, honey and spices to liven it up a little. I am quite happy to have a baking project to work on but Matthew is going to have to deal with a so-so lunch this week.

As with everything you take the good and the bad with baking and this is actually one of the first slices I have made. I did enjoy it but I find I prefer to add fruit to any of my projects just to make sure we are keeping that little bit of health in there. I did not alter this recipe this time but I will be next time and we will have to see how it turns out.

Have you had any bad baking experiences? Or learned anything from one of your projects?

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