Mid Kickstart

Good morning guys,

I thought I would give you a bit of a kickstart update and also a general update today. As this journey can  be a bit personal for me I thought I would start sharing with you more frequently more thoughts I have about life, health, my future and so on. I feel I talk a lot about beauty and you can get the gist of what I like, but knowing me and my personality is a bit more in depth than that, and seeing as it is my blog I decided I would like to share that side of things more with you. I am not sure if I am confident enough to share pictures with the blog yet, but I also have instagram and I feel I will have a bit more newsworthy things to show you soon!

After that ramble I will go on and give you my week one summary for my kickstart detox.

All in all this kickstart has not been disappointing at all, I slipped up once yesterday and tried a bit of my mama’s cake that she brought around and had a bit of her milky sweet coffee but I got straight back on the bandwagon again for a mini fast and the next meal (I think I actually got a bit ill from those sweets because I wasn’t the best off last night, which prevents me doing that again)

This morning I awoke and got on the scales. I hadn’t been following my weight too closely as they say weigh once a week. I ended up having lost 3.2KG from my first day of kickstart, which makes my total loss 5.6KG from when I first starting following the RF lifestyle and cut out wheat, gluten and dairy from my diet.

Rapid Fitness also explains that measurements are to be taken, so I followed up with these today also. Here is my loss from there:

Chest: -4cm

Arms: -2cm

Waist: -15cm

Hips: -9cm

Thighs: -2cm

I am very happy with these results as I feel they are quite manageable. I am taking every day as it comes so I am able to keep dead on track, I am not keen on any more slip ups.

The food on rapid fitness has been incredible, the recipes are all so tasty and the plans also include foods that I see as luxuries or treats such as feta, parmesan, salmon, coffee and sometimes even cream. These things all keep me very happy (although I don’t have cream on kickstart I believe I am allowed it in my next plan which starts next Monday- one week time!) I have approached this detox differently from the other times I have tried since I brought it. Before I looked at it as if I was missing out on things such as food and drink, but I have been seeing this experience as just a “ten day thing to really get me where I want to be”. I now see “missing out” as all that time I am spending not being confident and happy with the way I look, missing out is the time I am spending not looking how I know I can if I just complete these challenges.

I had a dinner at Matthews parents mid week, where they served us an all day breakfast for dinner followed by desert. I happily ate the bacon, full fat sausages and eggs knowing I was sticking to plan, declining orange juice or coffee and opting for water. Desert was placed in front of us and I found myself thinking “I have all my life to be able to eat these things, and now is just not the right time” This was revolutionary for me, as I really struggle to turn down the things I want usually.  I hope I can carry on thinking this way, remembering the feeling I had when I slipped up that once, knowing I don’t want to do that again.

I couldn’t recommend this program enough, it teaches you a lot about not only health and what you’re choices are but also about yourself. It teaches you to be strong and introduces a new way of thinking, supporting you the whole way.

Here I will wrap up my RF update and please let me know if you would like to know what I have been cooking and eating/drinking as I have made a few stellar dishes that I wouldn’t mind sharing if you’re interested.

For my general update I have been thinking a  lot about the future as I feel Matthew and I are at a stand still right now. I am hungry for change in some way and have been wanting to put more effort into my appearance whether it be tanning, haircuts or cosmetic wise which may be fuelled by my weight loss. I think my want of changing my appearance just reflects this, but anyhow I am planning to get a haircut and a change of colour soon that will hopefully reflect a positive change and keep me happy. Matthew and I may be travelling back home to my beloved Hamilton next weekend and I am sorely yearning to be in the big city that I love.

I hope that this has been a been a good insight into the girl behind ambermarie and please tell me if you liked or did not like this style of post. I will be uploading another beauty post soon and if you are interested in looking into Rapid Fitness you can find them here, their plans are available worldwide and they are incredible.

xxx ambermarie.


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