This was my first, and only, Nars blush I ever purchased and I am still in love. I got this baby when I was starting out blogging around a couple years ago now and I still adore it just as much as the day I peeled of that clear little protective slip, perhaps even more.

Let me start off with how much I adore this packaging, and any other Nars product packaging. They are so sleek and something about washing your hand over that surface or popping that lid to see the gorgeous product inside is so satisfying. I am always overjoyed with great typography and I love the simplistic style that the Nars products hold, they ooze style and fulfilment if you ask me.

Never being much of a blush fiend I went for a very safe option with Madly, described as a warm, soft-focus seashell pink. I still reach for this daily, and now that my confidence with blush has grown I suddenly finding myself coveting more. Nars is the first place I look, naturally, as this blush goes on so well and looks so lovely on my pale, olive skin.

I previously found blushes so difficult as I had no idea what to look for and my skin tone just doesn’t match the pinks like others do, I’m not sure if its the cool tone or that I am really very pale, but looking at the Nars range now I see quite a few that I would love to get my hands on. This little number has lasted me so well, and considering it is the blush I usually reach for, it shows no signs of decreasing as of yet. The pigmentation is fantastic and you’ll only need a light hand to apply as a little certainly goes a long way.

I have today rearranged my make up storage and find that this blush does look rather lonely, so I will be adding a few more to my wish list. Do you have any you would recommend? Have you tried the lovely blush in Madly?

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