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There are few things I absolutely need to have in my skincare routine and those I have recently found at Lush!

As always I popped into Lush when I went back home for the weekend and I picked up couple things that I didn’t know I would come to need in my routine.

The first thing I picked up, the reason I went into Lush, was the Mint Julips Lip Scrub.

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I hesitated to buy this online as there are a few scrubs I thought I would like, so I wanted to go in and smell them for myself before purchasing. I needn’t had wait as this one drew me in from the start (although I do like the others more than I initially thought, so I might try another next time)

The mint is so refreshing and doubles as a plumper, these do a great job of buffing away at your lips, something I need all year round due to a highly air-conditioned work environment. This is also just what you need before applying lipstick.

The second thing I picked up was this Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask. Due to my change in diet and recent hormonal activity break outs pop up every now and again. This is something I’ve never struggled with and want to keep it that way- so as soon as I feel something coming up I nip it in the bud straight away with this.

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I did find that for my skin this will initially bring everything to the surface, but once your skin gets used to using it weekly she’s all good!

The last things I picked up were obvious, you have to pick up bath bombs. So I got cinders and star lust this time (as I always end up getting Butterball and Avobath because I love them so much). I’ll be making a trip back soon to pick up Five Gold Rings, Luxury Lush Pud and Rose Jam!)

What are your Lush must haves?

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