Lush Bath bombs


LUSH HAUL? Obviously we’ve done some damage.

I was very unapologetic for my Lush Haul in Wellington and thats partially because if theres one thing I dislike about the town I live in- that’s the fact is does not have a Lush, or any kind of mall at all. Cue beautiful Lush ramblings here:

Lush Haul bath bombs 2

I dont travel out of town too often, with work and family life being so busy, but when I do I always make a point to travel to a Lush. Hello, I’m Amber Marie and I’m a Lush Addict. This time I topped up on my staple favourites!

Lush Haul Bath bombs

THE COMFORTER: This is the first product I went for- as always in my Lush Haul’s (I brought two and used some of one in my hotel room- bliss! See the bath time instagram here). I always run out of this one which is odd, as you only need a tiny amount per bath! This has a fruity sweet scent of berries and leaves your bath in a gorgeous shade of pink, with bubbles of course! It really brightens your mood and leaves you feeling relaxed.

SEX BOMB: A recent love this bath bomb is huge. This one is more florally but not in the lush-rosy way (a new obsession for me). This leaves your bath a milky pink and your skin with thank you!

ROSE JAM BUBBLEROON: I love anything rose jam, as mentioned above Lush’s rose is a complete obsession, although this one (because of the jam part) is a bit more candy like. It was love at first sight and scent. Like most of the other bombs here this leaves your bath looking very feminine and is a complete mood booster.

THE ROUGH WITH THE SMOOTH: This is the one scrub I keep going back to, and it leaves you silky smooth. I break a little off and head to the shower as I keep my lush products in my office/beauty room- although you are meant to use this as a bit of a massage bar type thing. This one smells slightly spicy and warming which I love, you only need the littlest chunk and the scent lingers- always a bonus.

Lush Bath Bomb

BUTTERBALL: This white little gem is easy to overlook, but it is by far one of my favourites and one of the first bombs I tried and keeps returning in my Lush Haul’s. This turns your bath an  slightly opaque milky white and smells of vanilla. It makes your skin super super soft and moisturised.

TISTY TOSTY: Lastly this is another recent find for me, as I never used to love rosy scents- but there is something very different about Lush’s rose, so feminine and delicate- this leaves beautiful roses in your bath, theres something very luxurious and elegant about it. You get out smelling incredible, feeling very relaxed and even enlightened. A very big favourite of mine.

This time I failed to pick up a couple things and here are my suggestions that aren’t included in this haul: Comforter body wash, Ro’s Argan body conditioner (Another staple I am missing which has a post of its own here), Big shampoo, Dream Cream body lotion, Ultrabland cleanser and Celestial moisturiser– obviously this Lush Haul was very bath happy and you will see other favourites of mine dotted around the blog like here and here– but let me know if you want to see more of these!

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