I am absolutely crazy about this store, especially after I visited this last time, there is something that makes the whole experience very enjoyable. They are presented so beautifully, the smell beckons you in and the colours and textures are an artists dream.

lush haul fun

When I arrived in store I went straight for the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. I had heard Fleur DeForce rave about this beauty and I can definitely see why. This makes your body smell so good for at least the next four hours which is absolutely incredible and then theres actually what its for, this makes your skin smooth and moisturised- and it does a wonderful job. Favourite product ever, the main ingredients in this are rose and argan oil- I love the sweet, jammy preserve smell.

I then got the Roots hair treatment, which I have had before. This is very refreshing and minty. This is targeted at volumising thin hair. You’d think that putting mint in your hair a little weird, but it actually wakes you up, it is perfect for a nice morning treatment on a day off.

While in the hair section I discovered Superbalm, which is a little embarrassing, but sensitive skin doesn’t stop with your scalp. Superbalm is a blend of oils manufactured to nourish your scalp with coconut oil, lavender oil, chamomile blue oil and rose wax. This really feels like it is moisturising your scalp but also strengthening and adding shine to your hair.

I wanted to add a toner into my routine as I hadn’t used one in years, and I found the Eau Roma Water. This is a aromatherapy water made of rose and lavender which smells pretty good given the fact I don’t like rose or lavender scents. It is a simple, calming toner for combination skin.

The bath bombs I got are my favourites, I didn’t get anything new here as these two are simply incredible. The larger white bath bomb is Dragons Egg. This is a layered bath bomb that looks very pretty in the water- its sweet smelling and just tons of fun.Β The second bath bomb is Butterball. This is so softening and very vanilla.

I picked up Yuzu and Coco Bubbleroon, a Bubble Bar made with coconut oil and shea butter which actually smells like jaffas and also this Carrot soap made with carrot oil and coco butter that smells like lemon and bergamot.

I am really happy with my choices. I haven’t ever brought more than a couple items at a time, but I had saved up, making Lush my shopping destination. My beauty room smells incredible at the moment. If you have any more recommendations from Lush please let me know, Ill be sure to have a look!


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