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Its no secret that I adore a good Lush bath product, but it’s not frequent that I find a Lush product that I will use daily, I thought I would share with you the products that I have found and use in my everyday routine.

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ROOTS HAIR MASK– I’ve been using Roots since I first started buying Lush products. Made of three different types of mint Roots is made for thin hair- to thicken and stimulate growth. This also contains honey which I find can help with my sensitive scalp. I use this once a month or as needed and find that my hair lasts longer between washes and feels much less brittle or dry.

AQUA MARINA FACE CLEANSER– I’ve been using this for the past month on my face to calm the skin and give it just a general good clean. I am lucky that I’m far from having problem skin and that it doesn’t need much calming but that doesn’t stop me using this gorgeous cleanser. This softens skin and firms, as well as giving brighter complexion. Totally in love.

MINT JULIP LIP SCRUB– Its winter here, which means one thing, dry skin- dry lips in particular. I use this every morning after my face cleanser which rids the dreaded dry lip look- dry lips + lipstick is not a good mix.

I hop you enjoyed this post and  prompted you to try some new things in the sea of a Lush store, enjoy!

  • theres nothing as good as the lush lip scrubs. i love them so much. have to stock up on bath products so i will hit up lush soon.

    • I totally agree! Bath products I would totally reccommend The Comforter, Rose Bubbleroon, Avobath and Butterball!

  • The aqua marina cleanser sounds so gorgeous, definitely going to have to try this!

    corrie |

    • It totally is, I pair it with Don’t Look At Me or Catastrophe Cosmetic- works a treat!

  • Wanderlust Girl (kyia belle)

    Not going to lie, but I’ve tried all of these! Not exactly sure why I picked up roots though, as my hair is already super thick, but it did end up leaving my hair super soft and shiny. Aqua marina IS perfect for sensitive skin xx

    • There’s nothing wrong with that- I would reccommend roots to anyone! And yes, aqua marina is so good- I love how gentle it is!

  • I love Lush and I cant believe I’ve never tried any of these, I love their cleanser in Let the Good Times Roll. But I think I’ll have a look at Aqua Marina next time I’m in. I always loved one of their lemonade scrubs they did years ago for lips and have been hunting for a new one ever since, Mint Julip definitely needs to go onto the list!

    Eloise x

    • Yes! Ill have to try that cleanser out, my stuff has since run out but Mint Juleps is still going strong!