L’oreal Color Riche Crayon Eyeshadows


I thought I would take things back to basics and give you a good ol’ review!

I have been using these eyeshadow crayons for a while now after finding them tucked away in the back of my makeup stash (I now believe they are called the “Infallible” crayons). I have been using them daily since I found them, no brushes required.

Although I love my brushes dearly, there is something so fast and simple with these crayons that makes not having to use a brush a joy. Slap these beauties on and blend with a finger and you’re done- simple as that! They are perfect if you’re in a rush to get ready.


I have three neutral colours ‘Everlasting Gold‘ for the touch of sparkle and light for a afternoon out, ‘Forever Taupe‘ a cool almost purple-esque shade that works nicely with greys and cool browns and ‘Impressive Brown‘ a coppery warm brown- perfect for evenings to warm up a look. Β The colours are wearable, blendable and easy to work with.

They glide on well enough and boy do they last! I almost have a hard time getting these guys off and no creasing at all! A little goes a long way with these, with a nifty wind up feature, and they don’t look too bad amongst my makeup collection either- especially for the price.

Have you tried the L’oreal Eyeshadow Crayons or something similar? What do you think?

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