Hey all! Matt and I have had a very exciting week this week and we actually went out and brought ourselves a new lounge suite- we looked for most of the weekend and finally decided on this one which we love.

I spent most of my Monday looking for little furnishings- literally two things that took me all day since I am so picky, hence the day late post. I thought I would update you on some of these changes, I hope you enjoy!

IMGP0015 IMGP0011 IMGP0006 IMGP0003 IMGP0002

It literally took me forever to find the two things I have used to furnish the lounge suit- I was super picky on finding a nice throw for the sofa and it seems that silver servings trays are super hard to come by, but I found them! I went to pinterest to find ideas on how to style my new lounge and it will continue to inspire me to decorate the rest of the house! Here you can find my pinterest- I am an obsessive pinner at the moment. Overall I am really happy with these changes and it is such a relief coming home to a nice new lounge that reflects your sense of style.








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