I was so lucky for Christmas to get a Kobo E-Reader for Christmas from Matthew this year. I had been looking at them for myself around Christmas last year and couldn’t justify spending that much on myself during the giving season, and it seemed that I couldn’t justify the purchase for the rest of the year either, although that didn’t stop me fawning over them every time I went into a store that stocked them.

I was more than estatic when I opened up this present, speechless to be honest and Matthew had actually pre-charged it and loaded on a book for me to get straight into. I have since finished that book, it was such a good-light read (I heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk- appropriate, no?) and I am so eager to get into a new one.

I am convinced that e-readers are fantastic more and more as the time goes on, as I rent with Matthew and two other flatmates I don’t have the space to store a massive bookshelf (although I have fought for it- I love everything about a physical book) and e-readers are light and easy. I have already downloaded a few books onto my wish list and my Kobo stores all the books I have purchased (without the annoying friend or relation who asks to borrow a book and never returns it), I also take my Kobo to work and read on my lunch break as there aren’t many of us on a lunch break at one time.

The e-reader that Matthew brought me was the Kobo Touch, and I love how there is no light to sting my eyes when I am deeply interested in what I am reading, like you do on a computer or iPad. I have a fancy little hard cover that has a light that is excellent when I am reading at night. It also has a built in dictionary in several languages which is also great.


I find reading more often helps with my thinking processes and I believe you really can learn a lot from reading, and having an e-reader is such an accessible way to do it without spending top dollar on hard covers. I never knew how cheap books from even the best authors were until I got my Kobo, so one really happy girl here.

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