I thought I would upload a cheeky little blog post this morning before heading to work, these brushes are something I have been looking at recently that has me wanting to get my little fingers around them.

I don’t have many brushes for make up, which gets a little tough when I want to deep clean them and how can you resist this rose gold goodness. Of course Im talking about the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 7.52.38 am

Aren’t they something to look at?

If I wanted to purchase a nice little MAC brush I would be looking at 60-80NZD. These are 68USD + 18USD Shipping. That is just over 100NZD at todays rate. Do you think that is a no brainer? I need thoughts on these brushes and I will be looking into other reviews by beauty bloggers. Have you done a review on these brushes or know of someone who has, or even if you have general thoughts, please let me know!

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