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My lifestyle journey

Lifestyle Journey

I’ve never ever wanted to draw attention to my fitness and weight loss. Or even my weight, period. I never wanted to build a following based on weight loss and lifestyle changes- and I very much continue to feel this way. But I have decided today to share some changes, decisions and information regardless of my feelings in hope that I may be able to explain a few things and help a couple people.

Although I never admit it, I would love to lose more weight. A substantial amount of weight. I enjoy my weight loss but I also want to make it very clear that the only way I am going to lose weight is through my lifestyle changes. I do not look twice at fad diets, I am very careful with my decisions and really try to listen to what my body needs. I realise these things don’t happen overnight.  I would also like to make it very clear that I am no expert. I have just learned a lot. I enjoy learning about health, nutrition and fitness. It is motivating, exciting, fascinating and fulfilling for me.

Moving on to my lifestyle journey- 80% of the time I eat and live Paleo. I believe that this lifestyle suits me. I’m not going to tell you to go out and go Paleo, cut gluten, dairy and grains out of your diet- as that may not work for you. For me, with coeliac, being Paleo works for me. Being Paleo is the key to the future of my weight loss and half of the key to breaking this plateau that I am currently on. It also encourages sleep, movement and listening to your body which I can find no fault with.

I leave 20% to enjoy things like coffee, wine, occasionally rice and dairy in moderation. I subscribe to the Paleo way of living because this helps me monitor my bloating and digestive problems. Dairy, Grains and especially Gluten are my rivals in these areas of my life. Coffee probably is too. My body tells me it does not like these things, that too much will leave me a dress size heavier in an hour and I will feel lethargic and heavy.

I am sharing this information because I am changing. My body, interests and opinions are all changing. I don’t want to hide it anymore, I don’t want continue to be ashamed of my size. My lifestyle is a healthy one, my weight is just a constant reminder of the way I used to live. The way that got me into trouble in the first place. Our society needs to learn to listen to our bodies and take the good with the bad.

Lifestyle Journey

I am not sure why I suddenly felt the urge to share this. I can assure you I will not be posting transformation pictures for a long time. I have to admit that I am a very self conscious person when it comes to my size. It holds me and my blog content back frequently- and I made a goal to be more personal around here in January as we all do. This is a follow-up step.

Here are a few questions I have been asked about me and my lifestyle journey:

How tall are you? I am 4 foot 9. This makes me look heavier, and makes me hold weight as tiny people do, around their middle. This makes me very self conscious.

Why do you mostly eat Paleo? As mentioned above gluten, dairy and grains are only a few of the things that make me bloated and feeling unwell.

Is being Paleo restrictive? Yes, it can be. Which is mostly a good thing. It is also why I say I am Paleo 80% of the time. I’m not going to hold back from a glass of wine, a coffee or a decent curry every once in a while. I still enjoy these things and take  them in moderation.

What do you do for exercise? Currently I am enjoying Kayla Itsines BBG Workouts Guide. I also ride bikes with Matt, hike around NZ and around the streets and am practising Yoga. I am up for anything really.

Why do you not share more of weight loss and your journey on your blog when people will be interested? Posting about weight loss and my lifestyle journey does make me nervous. I don’t want to be known as “that beauty blogger who lost a lot of weight” Or even worse, failed at it. This is something at the front of my mind in which I make calculated decisions. I’m not ashamed. Just careful.

What is your biggest struggle with your diet? Probably drinking water. It is the hardest thing for me closely followed by avoiding chocolate. Being mindful of what I put into my body, or what is in my food is something I also have to remind myself. Usually the outcomes are more drastic that the average person.

What are your go-to rules? Firstly, Eat Fresh. As much as you can. Nothing makes me happier than having a refrigerator full of fresh produce to experiment with. Secondly, use the swap out method. You can always swap something out with a healthier option when it comes to food you are craving.

What is your main motivation for losing weight and changing your lifestyle? I would be lying if I didn’t say that it was mainly vanity. I enjoy feeling good and being healthier. But I also want to look and feel good while I am overseas, in a wedding dress (one day) and family/blog photos. I also want to share more fashion/style posts. Right now my self-consciousness holds me back from this.

So why did I share this post today?

I wanted to share because I enjoy letting my viewers in. I want to be totally transparent and I love my lifestyle journey. I love learning about fitness, nutrition and food- I also love sharing what I have learned. This post as a background enables me to share these things more freely, holds me accountable for my lifestyle journey and also takes a weight off my mind.

I would like to post more about people that inspire me, about food, about books and about things I had learned that I previously had tried to avoid.

How do you feel about posts like this? Are you on a Lifestyle Journey? Do you ever get nervous to share?


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