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Do you like finding small hidden gems that sell quirky, specialised and delicious whole foods? I do. I found a gem in Rotorua, the Library Store, who sell gluten free, paleo whole meals and snacks.

The Library Store is one of the top clean eateries in Rotorua.

In Rotorua it is hard to find the niche market where everywhere you look there is something you can eat. People who have Coeliac & Gluten Free diets will be able to sympathise. The Library Store is just on the outside of the city and is quaint and jam packed with whole food goodness. Styled in a very particular and quirky way with amazing products everywhere you look.

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A friend of mine is one of the managers of the store, I pop in every now and again. They make the best almond milk matcha lattes in town. The Library Store is the first place I go for products that have unprocessed, healthy ingredients. There are always many great products in store and are constantly bringing new products in!

The photos you see here are a small portion of the great products they stock. The Library Store is a sister to the even bigger cafe The Okere Falls Store. The Okere Falls Store located in Okere Falls just outside of Rotorua. If you get the chance to visit them, I would highly recommend!

I love finding new places that encourage the whole food style of eating. I love companies that care about what they put in their foods. They ensure that the products are clean and beneficial to the body. Its great to find companies you can trust and return to.

What are your favourite places to visit that provide clean, whole food?

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