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My little brother got married this weekend at a camp called Lake Okataina Scenic Reserve. I used to visit this place for camps as a child, and although I remember visiting I never explored the location until this weekend after the wedding. This place has become my favourite place by far.

Do you remember the feeling of breathlessness as you turn up to something you deep irrevocably wonderful? That’s the experience I had turning up to Lake Okataina for the first time in years with some of my most loved family members.

The lake was crystal clear and blue, the mountains perfectly spaced and shaded- it seemed as though I walked into a movie. The sands were light, the sun was at the perfect angle, the depths of the water were clear and perfectly contrasted. I knew right away that this is a place that I would find hard to leave.
Beautiful Lake Okataina 2

Beautiful Lake Okataina 3Beautiful Lake Okataina 4

This place is called Lake Okataina, 45 minutes from my home town. Matthew and I took the camper down and stayed the weekend- and it was more than we hoped it would be.

These photos were taken at 5.30- 6 at night after a hot day (the second time we had been back to spend some time), there is absolutely no cellphone service and we enjoyed our little blackout. We swam, jumped off the jetty, read on the lake, ate, drank just relaxed on our own for a couple days after the my brothers big celebrations.

The Lake Okataina itself if a large lake that is surrounded by small mountains, with camps and walking tracks all around it, unfortunately we did not get to go on the waterfall trek I had yearned to go on as it started raining but we’re definitely going back soon. We are in the process of editing the footage from the drone that I may share!

The water was a dream and there was practically no tourists and locals around, just us and the sound of the birds and the breeze. I have never been able to shut off and be calm for this long before, and it felt like a much needed break.

Beautiful Lake Okataina 5 with Matthew Beautiful Lake Okataina with matthew Beautiful Lake Okataina with matthew 2 Beautiful Lake Okataina 6

If you’re ever in New Zealand you’ll notice that these types of views are everywhere- you may have even noticed from my instagram, but somehow this one was just special. I look forward to many moments here.


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