Keeping Clean, Clear Skin

Over the past few weeks I have been trying out a new way for keeping clean, clear skin. I am still struggling with breaking into a good, celiac friendly diet and my skin is definitely paying for it. I strongly believe that everything to do with your body is tied in with your gut. My insides are not looking their best- so neither is my skin. My Ultimate Skin Spa is helping much more than I first anticipated.

The Ultimate Skin Spa from Vanity Planet

This is a game changer in my routine. I ordered the cleansing brush online, it came with a crazy discount but did come with a little delay. I am located in New Zealand (although I wish to travel again, plus this is super travel friendly) which is why it took a little while to arrive, but it has definitely been worth the wait!

keeping clean clear skin with the vanity planet ultimate skin spakeeping clean clear skin with the vanity planet ultimate skin spa

The brush itself is very simple to use. Add batteries, press the button once for soft function and again to for the brush to spin faster. Pressing the button once more turns the device off. It’s that simple. It also comes with the gorgeous travel case, which makes packing it up super easy.

I use the brush once a day for keeping clean, clear skin. I wouldn’t want to use it more than that for fear of irritation. I am fairly sensitive skin-wise. I find using this at night fits into my routine as I wind down and pamper myself before bed (comment down below if you’d like to see an updated skincare routine).

I have been using a combination of the silicone brush head and the gentle brush, occasionally using the exfoliating brush- although I think my weekly scrub is enough for me. I am not ready to remove my facial exfoliating products from my routine just yet.

I have noticed a difference in the clarity and suppleness of my skin and can’t wait to see what long term results look like. I clean the brush heads after every use and it seems to be no fuss at all- I like to make sure that they are dry and ready to go for the next night. What do you think about cleansing brushes?


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