Yesterday a few friends, Matt and I decided to drive out of town on a little expedition to a berry farm and cafe called Julians- and when I say little I mean quaint, I don’t mean small in size.

At Julians they have a few large paddocks housing black currants, blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries,  strawberries and even pretty much all the hybrids. An amazing place, I tell you.

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Here in New Zealand only Strawberries are in season at the moment, the rest of the berries they grow will be available Mid- December where we definitely plan to go again. Berries are one of my favourite things to eat, and as I come into the stage where I want a very balanced, clean lifestyle I have been known to spend a pretty penny on the berries for sale at the supermarket- and even more on the organic frozen berries when we can’t get them fresh- so naturally Julians was a dream come true for me.

I was eager to get straight into picking the berries, but little did I know the cafe would be one of the most amazing cafe’s I had come across. I stuck to my Moroccan Chicken Salad with yoghurt dressing- laden with strawberries on the side of course, as did Matt, but every dish that the waitresses carried looked utterly incredible. I am definitely going to be making that journey again soon, as it does close down when berries aren’t in season, but if you’re in the Bay of Plenty area, I urge you- look up Julians and make a trip.

Even now I sit with my coffee, nibbling on the sweetest, juiciest strawberries and although we brought the larger punnet I think they will be gone very soon, I’ll have to go back again! I regret not filling my punnet high like those of my friends and even not buying the larger one, but these are definitely something to savour. There’s something special about picking your own fruit in the sunshine- the fruit warm and sweet as you steal a few for yourself, and I swear Matthew ate more than he put to the punnet. I think I will be making this a tradition coming forward, as it was truly an enjoyable experience.

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