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PLANNING (1 of 1)

If you weren’t aware I work full time in retail finance, Tuesday to Saturday. How am I managing to juggle blogging, family, full time work and free time? I have put a #1 on this as I feel this is not something I want to write all in one go- I’d rather share and go through my process methodically.

Amber Marie Marie was created a few years ago, at first it was sporadic posting with not much thought going into it, I have learned and improved since then and have found what works for me getting into the blogging groove. I trialled posting two times a week and decided I wanted to continue after our Europe Tour.

I’ll tell you what I learned about keeping on top of it all…



We could stop this post right here. Organisation. Thats where the circle starts and ends. Yes I have had moments when I had “run out” of my organised boost, or life just gets in the way- but you can factor these things in so that you are still set to go no matter what happens.

I usually spend Monday blogging. It is a day off to myself where Matthew is at work- and this is reserved as me time. I take my blog photos, join in on twitter chats, reply to emails, write, comment on other content and plan for the week in my notebooks. I love my notebooks (or any stationary in general), I have two that I use often. My Small Notebook comes with me everywhere, even to the bedside table- I jot down post ideas and notes no matter where I am- and yes, they do have to look pretty. I purchased both notebooks from Whitcoulls if you’re from NZ and are able to get a hold of these.

My Big Notebook is where I actually plan blog posts. I write when they are scheduled for, what they need to contain, ideas for photos and even make my own checklist marking off things I need to do for the post such as social media, photos and tags. In this notebook I even include my vision for my blog, what I want my online voice to be and what I want people to get out of my blog- keeping these close keeps you true to your values.

I use my Macbook and iPhone for most of my planning too. The Calendar keeps me on track, I plan my whole life on that so I can visually see where I am and what I am doing, what blog posts are coming up and write annotations on what needs to be done.

At the moment I plan my blog posts around a week or two out, however, I would like to post from a month out just to make sure I am completely bulletproof. I make sure my posts are written for the week and scheduled by the end of day Monday, including photos, tags and links. I usually schedule my posts at 8:00pm NZ time on Mondays (currently trying to post more) and I will do my Instagram photos and tweets myself once the posts have gone up to keep them as personal as possible.

I hope you enjoyed the first post in this series and let me know if you have something in particular you would like me to write about- as always I really enjoyed writing this and am looking forward to doing more of these!


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