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I thought I would share with you ย my Monday routine, otherwise known as my blogging day!ย First thing on a Monday I will get up and turn the jug on, because usually my day starts with Lemon Water and Coffee, but after that the blogging is all on!

Once the coffee is had I participate in Twitter chats. For me they are really early as I am in New Zealand. The first chat is generally my favourite, the #lbloggers chat (Lifestyle Bloggers) which starts at 6AM here. There is usually a topic, or someone running it, with questions to answer- otherwise the Bloggers will just, you know, chat.

The Second Chat of the day is the #bbloggers chat (Beauty Bloggers) which I must admit is more restrictive than the lifestyle bloggers chat. I’ll hang around for 30-40 minutes typically before the chats get a bit spammy for me and then I wind up working on my blog, usually feeling inspired.

After the chats I will use this time to catch up on Youtube Videos, Bloglovin, I’ll chat with other bloggers on Twitter and Comment on other blogs, Instagram and Pinterest always capture my attention because I’m an addict so I’ll pin for a little bit too.

Usually around 11AM I am feeling inspired (and hungry, I usually forget to eat until around this time) and I’ll start planning blog posts in my dairy. Brainstorming is fairly self explanatory, after this I will head out to town for my second coffee- my Monday trip to Starbucks, then to the Florist and maybe pop out to get a Vogue. I go back to the same Florist every week and spend a couple dollars on a few stems, they sometimes give me free ones seeing as I’m back every week which I think is awfully sweet. If you have read AmberMarie for a while you’d have notice I’m a fan of flowers and not a fan of craft style props.

Obviously I do a bit of food shopping for the week (or fortnight seeing as there is only two of us) while I am out. I visit the Butcher, Wholefood Store and the Fruit/Veg Store all separately.

I usually arrive hime around 1PM, cook myself lunch and then get on to taking blog photos as the ideas and mood strikes. 2.30- 3PM is my productive time, this is when I really knuckle down and get my blog posts completed, and even though I cook Matthew dinner around 5PM I will generally work on the blog for the rest of the night.

I keep my routine flexible, so some days I will go out to lunch with a friend, visit my Grandparents and other family or we will do something with friends or watch a movie that night. This is just a small timeline of how my day generally goes.

I know that my day may be very different to most of you, but I really hope this helps you plan a day that you may want to set aside for blogging, or at least shows you the things I think are important to get done. As always I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll have another on the way soon!


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