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How I organise my life & my blog.


I have found a new way to organise my life & my blog. My birthday is coming up on the first, but my parents will be out exploring Europe at that time. They brought me an early birthday present- one that I have been lusting after for which I am very grateful.

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This is my new sage Kikki-K planner from the Thrive range.

We got this in the large size as the medium was a bit little. I plan on carrying it all year round. Through NZ, Paris, Italy, Amsterdam- everywhere. I look forward to filling some of the pages with polaroids and notes of our tour while we are away, as well as planning my life and for the tour itself in its pages.

I decided on the sage, highlighted with silver, as opposed to the lavender/pink highlighted with gold. Even though the pink was completely stunning. I found the actual ring binder to be plastic looking and the dividers too fluro pink for my taste. Mint/Sage has always been a favourite of mine before my pink obsession anyway.

I have aways been a pen and paper girl. I use my computer and phone to plan things but I always resort back to writing. I enjoy the visual aspect of planning things in a planner or on paper. But I have never had one like this of my own. It is a very good investment and I have already enjoyed writing things down. It definitely helps with being more productive and organised. As you can see I already have some big blog stuff planned…

Kikki K as a brand always draws me in, their designs are beautiful and I find myself returning there often. The planner comes with a few dividers, label stickers and slots for cards, passport or papers. Perfect to organise my life & my blog.  There are a few bits that I would like to get myself for my planner like the Weekly Good Habit Pad and a Wellbeing Tracker cause, you know, those sorts of things float my boat. Otherwise I cant wait to start using this, have you tried any Kikki-K planners?



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