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Fitness is something that has recently hit me by storm. I want to get out and get active, I crave it and this is not something I have ever experienced before. I thought I would share with you part one of my new lease on fitness. My Must-Haves right now.


Of course the first thing on my list are my Grey Kaishi Runs from Nike. These things come with me to the gym four times a week, at least. These are constantly featured on my instagram- which is another improvement as I now have a fitness instagram: @ambermarielifestyle.

I wear my Nike Womens Legend 2.0 tights quite often, to the point that I need more! These are quite thick which are great for keeping me warm when I decide to venture out to the forest, but also they are super drying.

This Adidas Tank is a new addition to the wardrobe but I love how it is loose around my belly, which is still very existent- but decreasing.

Lastly my Nike Duffle bag comes with me to the gym now. I found that my little gym sack is not big enough for the days that I want to gym after work. This enables me to bring all my clothes, skincare necessities (I refuse to wear makeup at the gym) and work clothes that I change out of.

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Yes, I work out at the gym four times a week- because I choose to. I am more motivated at the gym, working out at home at 5.30AM isn’t exactly a motivating thought for me- nor is working out after a long day at work, but when I do want to work out at home I make sure that I have everything I need.

I love to use the kettlebell at the gym, so I have this little Reebok 3KG one for when I want to do a few squats at home.

My Nike Yoga Mat is well loved, I take this to yoga class when I go with my girlfriends and I use this at least once a week at home to get some stretches and relaxation in, its pretty and super light. Yoga is one of my favourite things to do and I rarely skip a session at home. However, I have a love hate relationship with my foam roller, especially this week. If you foam roll yourself then you’ll know that you’ll love it when you’re done, but when it comes the time to actually use it on your sore, achy muscles it’ll get you where it hurts. A big necessity regardless, this releases all my tension and tightness in my muscles.

My iPhone supplied me with music at the gym and I do need to get some form of carrier for it as I upgraded from my 5c and it no longer fits my arm band- I’ll make a wishlist of fitness gear in another “How I Do Fitness” post soon. I use the headphones that come with my phone but I also use the Nike Training App. I love this SO SO much, it works you, pushes you and is so easy to use. If you don’t I have it I suggest you give it a go.


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Its not much at this stage, I can assure you it will grow over time. I have a banana every morning on the way to the gym, I dont want to wake Matthew in the morning with my Nutri Bullet so the banana has to suffice. My Nike bottle comes everywhere with me now I previously used my Camelbaks but I find this bottle easier to drink from and easier to clean.

Simple Facial wipes stay in my gym bag, I use them before a workout to take my makeup off, and also after my workout before I get home to wash my face. I generally cook my breakfast before my shower so these tide me over until then.

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of How I Do Fitness. Leave a comment if you have something you would like to know or want me to write about, as you can probably tell I really enjoyed this post!

For those of you who love my beauty content, this will still continue and I will make sure to balance the content out!



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