Where Did You Go?- The Honest Truth

You haven’t seen any of our house, you have be filled in of no wedding plans, had a chance to meet Loki Le Pup or really heard peep out of me. Even my Instagram has been a little quiet. I’m here to make no promises, exaggerate excuses, but I will share the honest truth.

Firstly our move was super fun. We had plenty of help, things went smoothly and I had time off to train our new German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy (cross shorthair Border Collie)- Loki. We are settling and slowly making this empty house a home. I am proud and excited to share with you, as soon as I get my mojo back.

So what happened? Where’d your mojo go?

The new home and puppy bug got me, I went into nesting mode big time. We have the most amazing street and neighbours, and I threw myself into improving our home and decorating. I lost the feel for beauty and fashion (thats a joke, fashion is still totally scary and new to me) and was so excited to look at new interiors and gardening, not blinking at the blog at all. As with anything there is always something to do. Washing, gardening, training and walking the pup- cooking dinners, meeting with friends and hosting parties (yeah, we’re still kinda cool) and I wanted to be in the moment.

The Wedding?

Wedding planning started to be very stressful with everything we wanted to do around the house. There is pressure to make everything perfect, a pressure coming mostly from myself New opinions were introduced and we struggle to find the right way of doing things. I am very much a people pleaser and listening to what would make everyone happy is completely overwhelming.  After our initial plans didn’t work out I felt very discouraged. I got upset, didn’t want to talk about anything and felt more stuck, I definitely didn’t want to post publicly. We are currently still dealing with this speed bump and throwing ideas around and at this stage I still avoid discussing my plans. So, no wedding chat here just yet…

Loki Le Pup

In terms of Loki, he is the light of my life. He is funny, smart and growing and learning everyday. Lets just say I’m the Mama and Alpha of the family- sorry Matt. Having an intelligent and athletic puppy is definitely hard work, but something we had researched and were mentally prepared for, although the big lifestyle changes are still falling into place as our priorities change.

Getting the Mojo back…

We are simply focusing on the house and the pup at the moment, working, and saving for the big spender that is a wedding- as soon as we have set plans you will know!

I hope you enjoyed this little catch up, a little fill-in on where I have been, the honest truth. Like I said, no promises. But I am looking forward to taking the pressure off myself and letting the blog change with me.

Help me out and tell me how do you deal with big lifestyle changes?


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