For most of you out there this time of year is one bundle of fires, family, nights spent indoors and lots of “me” time while the weather drives you slightly stir crazy. It can be the same here (except the fires are limited to the outdoor fire pit) but similar behaviours come of two very different seasons. I thought I would share with you today my favourite things to do (no matter the season) as a self-confessed homebody.

TUNES: I’m all about some decent tunes and when I’m not pumping out some serious Christmas beats (which at this time of year not having them on is very rare- much to Matthews dismay) I’ll enjoy some down to earth, chilled music. Some of my favourites are Iron and Wine, Boy and Bear, Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer and of course you have to have some Michael Bublé in there.

MAKE SURE THERES TREATS: Whether it be Home cooked Gingerbread, Strawberries & Dark Chocolate, an arrangement of fruits & nuts, Sparkling Water with Raspberries (yes I consider that a treat), a nice pot of tea or just a couple dates (mmmm, dates) treats are a must for a cosy night at home. I personally love these while watching films or chilling on the computer or most of all with a book.

GET THE COMFY ON: Im currently loving a little arrangement of Sportswear and singlets- even though I’m not using it outdoors as much as I should be, a wonderful queen size woollen weave blanket that gets draped over the lounge suite and never underestimate the need for a decent Euro pillow- so comfy!

LIGHT ME UP: I dont care what time of year it is, or how many degrees hot or cold it is I cannot resist burning at least two candles at a time. At the moment I have Ecoya’s Sweet Pea and Jasmine that I move around the house (from bathroom to bedroom) for a very fresh but comforting scent, I have two Aromatherapy Co Cinnamon Spice candles that sit in the dining and living rooms, a Aromatherapy Co Pine and White Lily that sits next to my faux pine tree and not to mention my oil burner full of The Body Shop Gingerbread scent that follows me as I move around the house.

These are all the sorts of things that set the mood for me, but I am one of those people who has to be relaxing in a completely clean, uncluttered, spotless house, so I only really get one day of complete cleanliness before Matthew comes home, kicks of his shoes and I have to cook dinner or something- but its the small things right?

I hope you enjoyed this little guide to relaxing at home and I hope I gave you a few tips! Enjoy and I hope you had a merry Blogmas day 9! XX Ambermarie

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