Pretty Pieces #2







In my home I am all about the overall feel of things, and I believe everything put into my home affects this feeling. As I am renting there is only so much I can play with and I dream everyday of the time when I have a house of my own to furnish and decorate, and I can tell you- its going to be very different from the house we currently occupy.

These are some snippets of my favourite pieces in our little home that makes me feel happier on a daily basis.

The crockery. I know this is a weird thing to be happy about but my crockery reflects my want for a clean, simple and yet classic style in my home. My kitchen is very important to me and I look at these and are reminded of the feeling I am aiming for.

The clock. This was a gift for my 21st birthday from (one set) of grandparents. I love this feature in the home and I am so lucky to have it.

The Peace Lily. This gives our house a really fresh feeling, you can never go wrong with a bit of greenery.

The table and chair. This is actually from a  room I call my own. I sit here and knit, read, blog- I really do anything here. This is my place, and I love it. I am often rearranging plants, candles and current hobbies here. Of course coming into winter I am starting a new blanket.

Coming into winter I am doing my best to make our burrow as comfortable and homely as possible, as we will, obviously,  be spending more time indoors. I love change of season to nest a little and rearrange, I am always for having a good change!

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