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Naturally I thought I would give you a little update on my home, as I am slowly niggling away at making changes to make it look a bit better.

This is a little bit of a rambly- update on my life kind of post as there are things I would love to incorporate into this space.  You have been warned.

I have acquired some copper paint and have been using it to add touches here and there to beautify this space- I may even do a DIY! Thats unheard of here on ambermariemarie.

IMG_0022 IMG_0023

With these little changes I thought I would update you on the changes going on in my life. My life is beginning to get a lot busier and when I get busier the last thing I want is a busy space to live in, this is where I do most of my decluttering and clearing out space by space.

First of all there is our diet. I have been incorporating a more balanced approach to eating and have made changes that work for me, such as giving up meat for dinner and making more meals in bulk (where I am able to use them for lunches). I have been doing a lot of gluten free, vegan cooking and baking- and although Matthew is eating pretty much the same, this has turned my whole diet around and really has changed the way I feel going about my day to day life.

I am also attending the gym at least three nights a week (even on a Saturday morning before work) and I will be starting up yoga again once I find out how to fit this in my schedule as I think stretching is important after working out. Working out has made me a more energetic, motivated person and I see changes every day that are making our lives better.

Gardening has made an appearance once again, growing my own food has always been a pleasure, and there are more and more plants showing up around our home to really accommodate a clean, fresh, contemporary vibe. As well as saving money, growing our own food has really added a satisfaction to cooking and it is so wonderful to see a thriving garden knowing that we can live off it.

Matthew and I are planning our overseas experience for sometime in the next year where we will be taking a little tour around Europe. Although we haven’t completely decided where we want to go (we will do that when our tickets are booked) we will definitely making an appearance in London and Paris. This is both exciting and shackling for us as we will really be cutting down our spending to make this trip the best it could possibly be, something we haven’t had to do in years. This will not affect my blogging but you may see more lifestyle-ish posts as I am really excited to share more about the topics above with you.

I have a few blogs that really inspire me and I think its time I share them with you, these are my favourites above favourites- I’ll just jot down a little list and you can take a look for yourself. Bluebird BlogGhostpartiesHello OctoberA Little Opulent, Bloomin’ Rouge, Couture Girl and Lipstick With Some Sunshine

If you have any thoughts or want to hear about something in particular please do let me know as I will be taking a more relaxed approach to blogging as I would really like to share more about myself and my life here. Anything you think that I would be interested in looking at please share here too!


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