Holiday Hiatus

Boy, have I missed my little blog.

I been gone a week and honestly, it feels like forever.

I have just got back from the Coromandel, an annual family fishing trip (where of course I only go fishing on one occasion) where all my fathers side tag along. This time there were 10 of us all enjoying the beautiful sunny, but a little chilly, weather.

Heres a little snippet from the trip up.

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Look at that view!

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It was such a gorgeous trip, I haven’t been to the Coromandel in years and it was so nice to have a week away with Mum, Dad and Matthew. Having the rest of the family there was an added bonus.

I also had the added company of these lovelies daily on my doorstep. I could hear them at 7am on the dot, waiting for their share of bread. Matthew and I biked around the camp on a daily basis, and we ate by candlelight outdoors with the family. We brought a bait catcher from the store and trapped little fish in the streams and took walks on the pebbled beaches looking for crabs in the rocks.

I desperately want to return next year again, this was a hugely relaxing trip that was much needed.

What was your last holiday like?


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