Out of all the meals to eat healthy I find dinner is the one meal I struggle with. Give me granola, yoghurt, healthy huevos-rancheros any day. Lunch- easy, salads, plenty of smaller snacks of carrots, celery to keep myself full- but as soon as dinner hits I want everything I shouldn’t, don’t get me started on dessert.

This week I have been really good, cooking from the wholesome-cook‘s recipe book every night, but this does still not address my hankering for the fattier, carb-filled dinners I have been brought up to believe are “real meals”

I enjoy making all these favourites into healthier smaller/lighter meals and it really proves a challenge.

The way I overcome my love for a solid Steak, Chips and Mash dinner is for my love of researching nutrition. I love to find out alternative ingredients to the ones I love that are great for my body and substituting them into my meal. I also read a lot of books on nutrition and health- as I am genuinely interested in it. I have lost 14kg (or 30-31 pound) just doing this.

Tonight I am cooking Pearl Barley Risotto with Chicken that Matthew will definitely not be eating- but it makes for a great leftover breakfast/lunch.

This is something that probably isn’t going to work for everyone, as I keep myself motivated through research, you really have to do what works for you and your interests- once you find it, stick at it. Do things you enjoy also, enjoy that glass of wine before or with dinner, maybe even with grapes, dark chocolate and a little cheese on rye crackers.


I don’t like to starve my cravings as this leads to big binges in the future, just enjoy the small things in small doses- and when they say water helps, it REALLY does. Do it.

Keep at it dudes, keep motivated and enjoy it-


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