Haul: Part Two

I know I should have uploaded this on Monday when I came back from my home town, as well as a Want, Need, Notice, Deed or a bake post- but lets be honest, I didn’t bake that day. Matthew was at home sick from work for two days and I had my hands full with my job and this man-child who needed to be taken care of, so I am sorry I wasn’t able to get to this post until now- but here is the rest of the haul.

I made two different trips back home and came back with two different lots of cosmetics that I shouldn’t have- just to clear up any confusion surrounding the topic. You may have seen one of these items that I actually purchased during my last haul, but I wanted to keep things interesting and it really is too good not to feature it at least slightly.

IMGP0002_3 IMGP0005_3 IMGP0006_3 IMGP0008_3 IMGP0007IMGP0004_3Here, in no particular order I have:

MAC 217 Fluffy Blending Brush (this has been fab, and once I have grown my staple collection I shall be getting another)

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Modesty (an absolute classic colour that I think may become my go-to lipstick, which is exactly what I wanted it for)

MAC Brush Cleanser (this was quite cheap, so I am very happy with this as I wasn’t comfortable using soap on my face brushes- if you do have alternatives though, let me know)

Essie Nail polishes in Fiji and Not just a pretty face (Currently wearing the latter and it a great natural, classic colour- highly recommended by myself)

The Aromatherapy Co candle in Peach, Mango & Coconut. (this is actually the most incredible scented candle. It is so flavoursome you don’t even have to light it to enjoy the smell- it is so fresh and luxurious, I love it. )

I hope you enjoyed the last little tidbit of this haul, I have been taking the suggestions I have received very seriously and will be getting onto that ASAP. Enjoy girlies, Ambermarie.

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