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I’ve disrupted my normal schedule here on ambermarie as I had to write this post, a little shining star in my life is celebrating her birthday, and I want you all to know how bright she really is. I don’t often post these sorts of posts as I like to keep things professional, but I want to share these moments to look back on.

Laura came into my life 9 months ago (we have joked that we could have conceived and had our own babies in that time) and we have been close for a good majority of that time.

Laura is quite literally the only person I know whose smarts are on par with her wits, the funniest and most charming little Wyomingite I’ve ever met- cause I’ve totes met many. With oceans for eyes, fair skin (that’s not quite as pastily white as mine apparently) with quip and a laugh to rival any- this girl is one of my closest friends.

We went out for a little celebratory dinner at a personal favourite of Matthew and I, called Abracadabra. We were sat down in a close dimly lit room filled with lanterns and pouffes- we enjoyed cocktails, wine, probably too much food and captured just a couple snaps.


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Happy birthday darling, I hope your day was wonderful.


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