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I had been contemplating getting these for so long, the price and extensive choices originally deterred me but I’m finally trying out the OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner.

I first of all want to talk about what is in these products, aside from the obvious, as I thought it was very interesting! Not only do these contain Coconut Milk for a little bit of hair love but they also contain Coconut Oil (always a winner) and Egg White proteins for strength.

I noticed after the first wash that my hair was shinier and it seemed to manage better. It didn’t kink as much when I tied it up and it was easier to brush too. My hair tends to get split ends very very easily because I am trying to grow it long, I don’t cut it as often as I used to. I have noticed that over the month or two that I have been using them they my ends don’t split as fast.

They both smell of coconut body butter, a very thick and creamy scent that reminds me of summer. If you’re not into the smell of coconut I still would recommend trying them if only for the benefits to your hair as the smell I found doesn’t linger too long. I would prefer the scent to last longer than a few hours but I wasn’t expecting this much from an organic shampoo and conditioner.

I love the packaging of the OGX brand and I will definitely be trying more of these products out (my hair gets used to products quickly so theres nothing wrong with changing it up). They have lasted me very well so far- it seems I am only halfway through both bottles and I wash my hair quite frequently, around once every three days.

I will continue to use these and I think I may try more from this brand. Have you tried these Shampoos and Conditioners before?



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