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Getting Cosy with the White Company

It is safe to say that we did a lot of shopping whilst overseas. Now is a good time to let you know what I brought home from my beloved White Company while in England.

Why The White Company?

The White Company is a store that I fell head over heels in love with. I knew I wanted to visit before I had even got to London and it most definitely lived up to my expectations. ย The White Company embodies everything I adore in a store- Simplicity, Quality and a damn good aesthetic. Really, its all I want out of life.

I brought a few things home and decided to shoot some pictures on a sunny, but rainy, day (sun showers set the best mood). These pictures instil a sadness in me as I am unable to shop The White Company here at home. However, I am so pleased with the things I did manage to bring back and love every single piece.

As always this post is #unsponsored.

Everyone has something they collect whilst overseas. For me that was scarves. They are light, pretty and practical. Many times I have been asked “where did you get your scarf?” and I have much joy in announcing “Oh, this thing? I got it in London!“. If you’re from New Zealand or Australia you will completely understand.

Another thing that I seem to collect is Pyjamas. This is not a conscious collection but I seem to be drawn to them. I picked up a gorgeous Henley Pyjama top, a seperate singlet which is not pictured here (nor is it available online anymore) and a pair of simple cotton shorts. Together these two items of clothing are the perfect, simple pyjama set.



Personally I think anyone who doesn’t accumulate candles and fragrances are crazy. I have said it before, candles and fragrance are my jam. Having these around constantly is my idea of paradise and I like being able to choose the scent according to mood. I literally smuggled these in my handbag so that I wouldnt get told off for bringing them home.

The Pomegranate candle mixes sweet and spicy together perfectly and I cry a little when it burns down, every time. The Day fragrance captured me immediately. It is fresh and breezy- it reflected the weather in London while we were there and takes me back to good memories.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it. Ambermariemarie is going to contain a lot more editorial content like this, with a mix of luxury and lifestyle. Please let me know if you have any requests! ย This post brought back a lot of happy memories and even shooting and editing this post has been a pleasure and a good memory in itself. Nothing makes me happier than bringing beautiful content to you all. Please leave me a comment below with your happy memories!





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