I have a new favourite thing.

The Sensationail Gel Polish Kit

I have never been into nail art, and never really wanted to try it- but getting gel polish done was something I was definitely interested in. I have weak and brittle nails naturally, so I had my nails done with gel almost every week. Until one week I went to someone new. They completely made a mess with the polish and I thought “I can do this better at home”. Then this kit came into my life. Good old Christmas, hey.

Ever since I had a ring on my finger I always have people looking at my hands and nails (I work in a bank, having a new ring is quite the conversation between the regulars). I knew I wanted them looking tip top. Thats when I started with gel nails. And then started with gel polish at home. In the initial kit you get everything you need. A choice of a colour, a mini primer and cleanser. A top and base coat, cotton cloths, a file and a little stick to help you remove the polish. This comes alongside the light. Then you can purchase additional packs as you need them.

I have never had more compliments on my gel polish than when I started doing it myself. My nails are just the way I wanted them. They aren’t filed down at all (something I didn’t like amongst nail salons) and I have the shape I want too.  Depending on how careful I am with my nails I can go between two to four weeks with them looking gorgeous.

I am slowly building up my collection of colours, only one place stocks them in store here in NZ that I know of, so emphasis on the slowly. You can even get French nail kits. So far I am very much in love.

The process of putting on and taking off so so incredibly easy. You clean and prep your nails, base coat and then top coat and finish it off with a little cleansing wipe. You put your nails in for a max of 30 seconds so how revolutionary is this!

Sensationail really have hit the nail on the head with this one and I can’t see myself ever going back to ordinary polish. Hows that for a statement.


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