Ive been getting into the garden more and more this summer and I am really enjoying it. When you put hard work into your plants they really give back, and I am starting to see that now.


This is my herb garden of chives, coriander, parsley, thyme and basil


This is a little snippet of the big planter pot outside my house, don’t mind the spinach going to seed. I have capsicum and tomatoes growing here, and I swear the cherry tomatoes on the left are almost as tall as me.


These are my cherry tomatoes that have grown massively tall- I have two of these and three normal tomato plants growning against the back wall of this planter pot.


These are the biggest strawberry plants I have grown yet, they are on their first year and are starting to product quite a few green strawberries. I have been adding strawberry feed to the bottom of these plants to help them along.


Rosemary and oregano, two of the many herbs I have growing about my garden.

Like I said, gardening is really rewarding and I thoroughly enjoy the satisfaction of growing my own food. I am blessed to have two large planter boxes at the back of my yard (One of which my flatmates have claimed where they also grow a big variety of plants) which gets a lot of sun and water. Before planting in my planter box I covered it with a tarp (large sheet of plastic) over the winter months to try kill off the abundance of weeds that grew there out of neglect (from the lady that lived here before). As it came into summer I them fertilised the soil with an arrangement of composts I had (coffee grounds, home made compost from food scraps and bagged compost from the store), this I believe is the reason my tomatoes have grown so well, and there is definitely less weeds than what my flatmates have to deal with.

It is good to think ahead in gardening, something I am not very good at, but it is a great thing to do folks, let me know if you have any gardening successes of your own!

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