Growing Glory

Yesterday I went out with Matthew to the fishing shop, he has been so eager to catch fish lately, and talked him into taking a detour past the hardware store. I always like to ogle at the outdoor lanterns, furniture and most of all- plants!

I did initially want to pick up some corn and more spinach, but I found kale there also! I haven’t been able to find kale in any of my normal nurseries and I was so excited to have found it. You pay around $5 at the grocery store that stock kale for one or two heads, and when I cook kale more than half of it goes, so to find seedlings was a big bonus.

I did think i went a little overboard, I brought two punnets of seedlings, each with six plants, so I had to rearrange my garden to fit it all in, as I had to plant the spinach in my planter pot too.

My dad passed through town and gave me a Christmas present which turned out to be the Breville Juice Fountain Max and a whole ton of fruit.





IMGP0002Obviously I am a very lucky girl for receiving these gifts, I am very grateful.

We used the juicer and had fresh juice with the gorgeous lamb stew dad had brought with him after I gave him the tour of my garden. I am definitely looking forward to juicing both the produce dad gave me and the produce I grow myself. I am aware that incorporating juicing in a large scale to your diet can have a negative impact if you are only juicing fruit due to the sugar content and possible cut down of vitamins, minerals and fibres. Dad also brought me a huge bag of carrots that I will juice along with my spinach, beetroot and kale from my garden.

If you have any tips and hints for juicing give me a comment, I will also be consulting my rapid fitness diaries again now that I have this beauty!

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