Before my current job I had never worked in anything but the entertainment/hospitality industry- let alone worked a full time job. Now my life consists of 8am starts, 5.30pm finishes- morning teas with the coffee machine and a load more stress.

Having this kind of routine has enabled me to settle into new habits- both good and bad. Things like a coffee 3x a day, or a salad packed lunch and nibbles- none of my food is pre packed. As I said these things are good and bad, and there are a few things I am still working on to convert to a better, more wholesome lifestyle.
I think I have to start with drinking black coffee- if any at all, it is too tempting to put chocolate and sugar into a milky coffee, and I want to eliminate my hankering for sweet things that aren’t fruit.

I am planning to invest in a Breville juicer to make goodness packed, quick and easy beverages more accessible during summer.

I also want to incorporate a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables into my diet- dates are one I have just purchased for that sweet hit as you can see In my grocery haul, so I am not getting bored or losing motivation to continue to eat wholesomely- full time.

I’ll keep posted on these changes, my struggles and triumphs- it’s so great to have the support I do to continue on.

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