Today I got up and dove into the box of mason jars that I ordered a while ago and decided I would be productive and make myself lunch for the next five days. Since I am now available Sundays and Mondays I am able to schedule these kind of things without being interrupted by split days off, I am able to get into a regular regime that I really struggled with before. I decided I would start it off with a bang, already I feel like I have free time to spend doing extra jobs now I don’t have to worry about making lunches.






I started off with making a citrus avocado dressing for the bottom of my salads. This was simple as it only consisted of olive oil, avocado, garlic, orange juice and lime juice- seasoned with salt and pepper. I had a browse through a few different ways to make salad jars and decided to throw in tomato, peppers, beans, quinoa, spinach and lettuce. I will get more into different recipes once I start planning different flavours I would like to include. This has also got me thinking about planning breakfasts and dinners, and I really do wonder how I live the way I do. Planning really helps staying on track of time, health and proactivity if you ask me.