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Matthew and I tried out my food bag for the second time and its time we gave our opinion!

my food bag 2

My Food Bag is a New Zealand grocery/meal subscription service that Matthew and I have been trying out. This is the second time we have brought the Gourmet Food Bag and so far have been loving it. We initially thought this would fail, as Matthew is very particular with his food and I have to be Gluten Free.


We receive the groceries for four meals. Unfortunately this bag is not Gluten Free, but did not want the Gluten Free one, so I improvise for my meals- but I have shown Matthew’s meals for you! My Food Bag prides itself on using local and fresh ingredients which initially drew us to the service. Not to mention the fact that it saves time and the hassle of thinking something up for dinner.

This is not a share of the recipes and ingredients- it is an overall review of the product so I will give you a quick rundown of the meals we had this week:

Crispy Salmon with Garlic Potatoes, Pea Sauce and Crunchy Capers

Chicken and Cherry Tomato RagΓΌ with Saffron Pappardelle and Salsa Verde

Indian Pork Roti with Yoghurt Sauce and Crunchy Salad

Venison Medallions with Kumar and Spinach, Snow Peas and Cranberry Balsamic Sauce.

my food bag 1my food bag 3 my food bag 4my food bag 5

My Food Bag has been a winner so far for us. A couple of the meals did not sight right with Matthew due to consistency of ingredients but he stated that the taste overall was great. We cannot mark down My Food Bag on consistency as this is definitely something we can change for Matthew’s taste.

I couldn’t tell you my favourite meal as they are all different and very tasty- as well as time saving. Cooking these meals were a breeze and so quick. Having everything ready is perfect. We think that the price of My Food Bag is fairly reasonable, and receive it once a fortnight. The Gourmet Food Bag costs $142.00 each time whether it be weekly or fortnightly.Β We are trying out the Classic Food Bag next and definitely have no intention of giving this type of subscription up!

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