I am seriously one of those girls who takes ages to get ready for work. Previously it took me half an hour to get dressed, made up, hair done- the lot. Now half an hour buys me time to get my make up done. Thats it. To me that is a long time- I enjoy the time I spend on my skin and make up more than I had done before though.

After getting a full time ‘grown ups job’ I find things take longer, you’re taking more care in what you are doing, but I also am thankful for the time I do have.

I found it extremely difficult working part time, as the family around me all work 9-5. I still work weekends now but I get so much more time to have a structured life. It really does make you feel mature and responsible.

In this photo I am wearing NARS sheer matte foundation in Mont-Blanc, Revlon photo ready Powder, a touch of NARS blush in Madly, Estee Lauder Raisins eyeshadow palette and Shiseido Perfect Rouge lippy in PK249 which I think is Bloom.



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