I am such a christmas junkie, and you all are lucky that it is not to my level of festive around here (and that I’m not trying and failing at blogmas again)- but thats certainly not the case in my home.

The carols are going, the lush cinders is out, presents are being wrapped and I’m starting to gather good for you christmas recipes that’ll start coming out of the oven very soon- so I wanted to share with you a few of the things that I’ve been getting up to this wonderful Christmas season…

ONE: by a happy mistake I recently acquired the Pete Evans  Family Food Cookbook, a Paleo one- which, little did I know, has an amazing Christmas Section. From Glazed Ham to Eggnog and Raw Christmas Puddings- My christmas is made.


I love cooking by recipes, something about it is so special and methodical. I also love the Kim Evans Little and Friday Celebrations Cookbook- which is not Paleo but most of them are easy to convert.

TWO: Yankee Candles are not readily available here, yes I know- weird thing to get excited over but I’ve wanted them available in NZ for so long! Candles are a big thing in my house and being able to have gorgeous smelling, huge candles lit for every moment of the day is a big win for me. I picked up a couple of these little wax melts too in Berry Trifle and Balsam and Cedar and our house literally smells like Christmas.

THREE: The Body Shop just had their annual Christmas Party and I had to go along and pick up a few things. There was vino, and healthy nibbles and lots of festive cheer in my towns tiny little store.

thebody shop

I fell in love with the Frosted Plum scent and came home with the Body Butter, Hand Cream and Fragrance Oil (had to hold back, a lot)- and seeing as I’m so much into fragrance the Cranberry came too… (although I still have mine from last year with the gold lid)


FOUR: As you can see I’ve been hard at Christmas wrapping- and today I thought I would step up my game. I don’t usually go all out with wrapping presents but this year I really wanted to make my friends and family feeling special (as this Christmas has been hard for me already). So above I have just a couple of the many gifts I have been labouring over to make look extra festive.

FIVE: I dont think I’ve ever been particularly good at gift giving, mainly down procrastination but lately I’ve seen a few things and thought they would make really good gifts (probably because I’m more organised nowadays)- so let me know if you would like a Christmas Gift Guide featured here and I will certainly put one up!

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