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This Lust List didn’t take me long to rustle up, and do you blame me? I am at the gym 5 days a week- and the two that I’m not at the gym I’m in the forest or at a lake at some point- or at least ambling through the limited sports/surf stores we have here  (I mean c’mon, there’s four.) I digress- therefore I am always in some sort of activewear which of course spurs the want for more.

I would like to clear something up straight away, however, yes these items on my wishlist are branded. Lets remember that this is my wishlist and these are things I want for myself. If you do not like branded gear, or how much money branded gear costs thats cool- either use my style choices as inspiration and get something cheaper or kindly click away now- this is a positive vibe zone only, yeah. Not that I need to explain myself but I would like to say that the sports stores around my area are generally branded clothing etc and I personally would prefer to pay more for something more comfortable and longer lasting than something I constantly need to replace, cause lets face it- I wear this shiz a lot.

Here’s how its gonna go: I’ll link these items as I explain and the links will be to the NZ stores for the Kiwi bro’s. Otherwise as always, I’ll link what I can or similar in the “Shop the Post” section at the bottom, savvy?



NIKE SPORTSWEAR ADVANCE 15 HOODED FULL ZIP TOP: What a mouthful. You can see there is a colour scheme going on with this Lust List. You read my blog? You know me, I like neutral, I like minimal and man I like this top. Winter is coming and like any other time I find an excuse for new clothes. Top of my list for obvious reasons (if they aren’t obvious they are cause this top is warm and looks super cool, duh.)

ADIDAS BRANDED TIGHTS: Im not the biggest fan of patterned tights, generally because I’m tiny and my legs build muscle the quickest for me and I don’t really like to draw attention there. The logo on these just add a bit of something without being too busy.

RUNNING BARE WOMENS GRAND SLAM CREW TSHIRT: If there is one thing on this Lust List that I have to have it’s this Tee. I am totally in love. This is one of those casual wear things that I wouldn’t necessarily wear to the gym but I still class as “sporty” for those chill days.

NIKE AIR MAX THEA: I always get coloured trainers, you know pink or grey and I always just want to wear plain black. That’ll teach me for being daring. I would like some new everywhere trainers- I have ones for the gym (which are actually just casual shoes) and ones that I wear outside and I wouldn’t mind something that won’t get dirty outside but still look cool at the gym or on the street.

NIKE LEG-A-SEE LOGO TIGHTS: Same story as the adidas tights, they have a little something but aren’t as plain as the tights I already have. You always need more tights, trust me.

ADIDAS ORIGINAL SUPERSTAR SHOES: Another chill day style choice, I wouldn’t mind some new shoes to wear out on my time off. These ones in particular are shoes that I have wanted for the longest time but didn’t think I could pull them off. Heres to not caring.

NIKE LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTI SOCK: Did you know that in my town branded socks cost the same as normal socks? Enough said.

NIKE ULTRALIGHT CONTRAST CAP: I’ve never worn caps, but I work in the public and sometimes I wouldn’t mind hiding a little, not to mention the fact that an outfit needs something extra sometimes and its practical. Obviously my style is changing, first the adidas shoes now a cap- who am I.

NIKE LEAN WAISTPACK: An armband just doesnt do it for me when I’m running or lifting weights and since seeing this in Rebel it’s a must have. Why did I not think of this sooner.

I really enjoyed writing this post, who doesn’t like writing a good lust list? Let me know if you want more of these and tell me whats on the top of your list?


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