This brand is one I have been looking at for a while, which is surprisingly available in supermarkets. I finally decided to take the plunge as my Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying moisturiser has run out. I really enjoyed using the Seaweed products from The Body Shop but I really couldn’t pass up this pretty packaging. Since I really only needed moisturiser I decided to budget well and only get the sample sizes of some of the other products.



Obviously the packaging was the first thing that caught my eye, I am a sucker for bold colours and clean, clear typography. The main ingredient caught my eye too, I am always pleased to find something that has the main ingredient as the focus of the product- this gives me the idea that it is a more natural, nourishing product. When I look at the back of the products you also see that they are vegan, made in New Zealand and dermatologically tested. It also states that in these products there are no paragons, sulphates, silicones, petrochemicals, mineral oils, artificial colours and animal testing- just to name a few.

When you look closely you also notice that the Rosehip Oil itself states that it is 100% natural and also 99.50% organically farmed. This is one that I am most excited to try.

These products are reasonably priced, maybe on the pricer side of supermarket skincare products, but you can buy the full sized products for just a couple dollars more than the Neutrogena Naturals range, which I can live with.

I used these products tonight instead of my usual Seaweed skin regime, and I’m impressed. The Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser is stunning, it cleans extremely effectively- removing mascara and foundation with ease, but is gently enough to leave your skin supple and moisturised. I then used the Certified Organic Rosehip Oil on my face before the Moisture Restorative Night Creme.

Overall my first impression of Β this product, and brand, is very positive. It does what it says and works seemingly well, it smells pleasant, it leaves your skin supple but firm and not at all dehydrated. The packaging is wonderful and provides the perfect amount of information.

When the time comes I definitely will be purchasing the full size items and creating a new skin care regimen.


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