Father Rabbit, yes please!

Today I stumbled across this website after flicking through a newspaper pull-out. I liked the name, as Matty and I love our little bunny family dearly, and almost squealed as soon as it loaded.

I would be more than up to the challenge to kit out our little burrow solely with products from Father Rabbit. I love the style and feeling these products bring to a house, the character each and every item produces.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.38.19 amThis store has everything you could possibly need to amberfy your house. I adore it so much. I do believe this is a New Zealand website and it has free shipping in New Zealand over $30 (easy challenge, I say)

I have noticed a “couple” of things that I adore in particular:


When I say I can fill my house with Father Rabbit products, I literally mean it. Everything in this store would fit perfectly in my house (definitely not meaning that space wise-as it wouldn’t all fit)

The prices really vary with this merchandise, some of it is completely justifiable and some of it may take a little saving. I do believe these products to be very good quality and I will be investing for our burrow in the future, go and check them out, they’re delightful.


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